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Updated: Jan 5

So. It's Christmas time!

Time for us to take a relaxing Christmas Break.

We had a great year in the West Cork Motorcycle Club.

Many Club meetings were had over the year to get the events up and running. Thank you to those that gave their time & effort.

January 2022 The WCMCC AGM 2022 was held at the Halfway, Ballinhassig. There was a lot of new members joined the Club and to my knowledge we have over 160 members in the WCMCC now which is brilliant. We have members from around the country North & South. I think we have a few members from around the world at this stage!

March 2022 The WCMCC attended the Cork Motorcycle & Vintage Club Show. It was nice to meet up and check out what competitors in all disciplines in Motorbike racing were up to, meet up with friends and New members.

April 2022 The Drag Race back in April was one of the best years we can remember. Entries were full in little or no time. If we could run 10 more Drag Races every year we would, but the effort is almost insurmountable to run one. Its the only Motorbike Drag Race held in a public road in the world! Correct me if I am wrong. We hope to get Red Bull to sponsor it Next Year!! lol The After Party was a great laugh too!

June 2022 Charity Bike Run Carol Carey & Friends were fundraising in Aid of Cara Junior School. We again are Thankful to everyone that helped and donated.

June 2022 Social Club ! Go Karting! We always have great craic at the WCMCC Go Karting Social event. The competition is always very tight and the red mist seems to come out in everyone! lol.

June 2022 The WCMCC Classic and Vintage Motorbike run in Timoleague, Co.Cork. There was a great turnout and its always nice to see the bikers out on their classics and again having a chat with friends and taking in the beautiful scenic views around West Cork. There was a cheque €1065 presented to Cancer Connect. Thank you to all the bikers and people that donated.

September 2022 The Hill Climb TT at Twohig's Hill was very close to not going ahead!! The determination, commitment and of course some passion we made it happen. We were blessed with the weather again and it was a bit of craic. Imagine it is the only Motorbike Hill Climb TT in Ireland!!

August 2022 The WCMCC Motorbike Run in Aid of Cancer Connect was held on a beautiful Sunny day at Minihan's Bar, Lisheen. There was a great gathering of bikes and again the money that was raised was greatly appreciated. Thanks to everyone for their donations and coming along for the ride.

September 2022 We up'd our anti on multi- media. We wanted to give the short circuit racers and members in the WCMCC some exposure. It was a bit of fun at the same time. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

November 2022 The Pit Bike Race in November was a new one and it was organised in very little time. The West Cork Motorcycle Club held the first Pit Bike Race ever run in the South of Ireland under MCI. One for the History Books. It was great fun!

November 2022 WCMCC Christmas Party & Toy Show! It was great to have a get together and meet up after a busy year. Good music and Good friends and a chat is hard to beat. Oh and discuss what Toy's we wanted for Christmas!

December 2022 WCMCC Toy Run was very enjoyable. We are Thankful to everyone that donated. There was €1130.00 raised at the WCMCC Toy Run and it was presented to Co Action Dunmanway. We would like to Thank Co Action again for their hospitality. They were very grateful for the donations.

December 2022 WCMCC 2023 Calendar.

We received a massive response to the photo entries for the 2023 Calendar. We could have made a 365 day Calendar - maybe next year!!We Sold out of Calendar's in no time. Thanks for the nice comments we received. We would have liked to have put you all in it and trying to get hi res photos was a pain in the ass. Thanks to those of you that sent in whatsapp photos (read the regs, lol) and the member that sent in 50 photos of himself - I might just make a Calendar for you alone. I will remember you next year! Lol

We will have a limited amount of Calendar's in the New Year by the way.

We send our thoughts & prayers to members, friends & family that passed away during the past year.

We hope you have comfort from loved ones around you.

We would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

Take Care of yourselves and we hope to see you all in the New Year.

Bye for now!

West Cork Motorcycle Club

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