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Updated: Mar 19, 2023

There is a lot of interest from Irish riders in the test day on the 18th March and Race day on the 19th March at the Wirral 100 Motor Club in Anglesey.

If anyone can share information on best option with booking ferries and maybe try and connect up with each other so we can help each other out.

Please show your appreciation to the Wirral100 Motor Club for giving our members at the WestCork Mcc a discount to race at the Wirral 100 Motor Club Round 1 at Anglesey.

To join and get your discount

To make it easier please contact: and I will send you the information.

Just a quick update:

* For those entered into Round 1, please can I ask that you make entry payment asap if you haven't already.

* Anglesey Circuit have been looking into e-ticketing and the plan was to trial this new method of entry at this event. However the plan has changed and we are reverting back to the good old tickets and passes. I'm hoping to get these out this week following confirmation of the events timetable and final instructions.

* I think I've responded to all forms of communication channels regarding this round, but please if you are still waiting for a response give me a gentle nudge.

* Garage allocation has been sent out. Please can I ask that you pay for your garage in advance of the event if possible.

* To our Irish competitors, please remember you will need start permission, insurance and a valid 2023 licence. I appreciate that the whole insurance situation has been frustrating but it looks like things are slowly getting sorted. Any issues just shout.

* Entries for Round 2, Oulton Park remain live.

Thanks and best regards,

West Cork MotorCycle Club.

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