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Hello everyone !

I would like to talk a bit about my story and how I ended up here today with all of ye.

Back in the day, I remember going to see "Evil Knievel" (Eddie Kidd) in the 80's in Parc Ui Chaoimh. Evil Knievel had a big influence on my youth. I used to convince my sister and friends to lie down under my ramp and push things to the limit. No Insurance required back then.

My parents would not let me or my brother's have a motorbike inside the gate when we were at the ripe age to get on the road. My brother's and I had motorbikes hidden at friends so we could get around the back roads. Rebels we were back then.

I did a bit of mountain biking but I just couldnt go fast enough and peddling up hills just wasnt really the hill climb I was looking for. I got my first bike, road bike when I was 25, I bought a Triumph T595 from a friend in 1997. I was back from working in Australia and thought the T595 was a 600cc (My friend just laughed when I found out).

I bought the bike and then realized it was a 955cc. I got the restrictor kit from local motorbike garage and "fitted it" and went for my Road license then. 

I then bought an Enduro Bike and started doing a few Enduro's. Then started Motocross at when I was 30 years of age (young) and went Motocross racing with my son Charlie. I bought my first short circuit race bike in 2014. I decided to buy a Super Twin SV650 and went racing. I ended up 4th in the Championship in my first year so that was fair enough.

My first motorbike was a 1974 TS250 2 Stroke. I was 16 and hid the bike in my friends house as I say earlier. I remember the gear shaft was fecked up and I used a vice grips for the gear changer. I still prefer 2 strokes everyday of the week.

What type of bikes do I have? Jesus!  I have classic bikes, off road bikes, short circuit bikes, pit bikes, custom cubs, a few exotic ones in the bedrooms, Oh I have one in the kitchen too ha ha.

My Dream motorbike this week would be a 1994 Rothmans Livery Honda NSR250. I'd love to ride a 2 stroke everyday.

My Family memory around motorbikes. Fighting with my parents about getting a motorbike. Hiding Motorbikes from my family. Calling my parents names for not letting me have a motorbike. All the good positive stuff you'd get from a Teenager back in the 90's.

My favourite Rider of all time. It would have to be Joey Dunlop. I never got to see him race unfortunately. My brother and I had booked our first trip to the TT in 2000 and then Foot & Mouth happened and it was cancelled. Joey died July 2nd 2000.

He seemed to be so down to earth with no ego and a great man to help charities and the disadvantaged children in Chernobyl. He has 26 TT victories which still stands to this day. Joey had Incredible achievements in racing short circuits, Road Racing, GP's. 

I like to attend most motorbike events. Motocross racing is brilliant, Short Circuit Racing is super, Road Racing is fantastic, Pit Bike Racing is great craic, Enduro's, Trials, Drag Racing is great too. Meeting up with people at these events and talking bikes and finding a 2 stroke. Its just great like.

Have I ever been to the TT. Yes. I have and its just brilliant. If you have never been, well all I can say is just plan it as soon as you can. My first TT was in 2001, I went with my brother in his Nissan vanette, T595 (the one I thought was a 600) in the back of the van and away we went. Slept in the van and did about 200 laps the first day. Oh and Mad Sunday. For all the kids out there that never heard of Mad Sunday. Well it was fecking Mad. There was no speed limit over the mountain and it was a one way system so everyone was mental and sher you know yourself you'd be doing your best to be like John Mc Guinness but sher I just hung on for my dear life. I remember I gave my brother my bike to go around for a lap. I forgot to put fuel in it before I gave it to him and he ran out of petrol just after the Gooseneck. At least he almost got one lap almost ha ha.

The Manx GP or whatever its called now is brilliant too. I've been a good few times as riders and friends that I have competed against have raced and done really well at the Manx.  

Did I ever want to Race at the TT or the Manx or BSB? Yes, I'd love to do the Manx GP. That would be a dream come through. I admire all the riders that put so much time and money and effort to race. I would love to race over in the UK too. Just to experience the short circuit tracks over there. A few of us went to the UK this year and we are racing in the Wirral100 Championship. Its been great. I raced in the Super Twin Races at Anglesey Short Circuit Track and Oulton Short Circuit Track and Jesus what tracks!! If anyone is thinking of going, I would tell them go and do it.

A big shout out to the Wirral100 Club. They are a really good club and very helpful. 

What would I like the WCMCC do more of for their members?

I really think that the West Cork Motorcycle club is one of the best Motorbike clubs in Ireland. We have an excellent website now and the club has excellent events.

The WCMCC has held the only open road Drag Race in Europe for years. The Club has held great hillclimbs TT which is a taste of what competing in a Road Race is like.

It is the only club in Ireland to hold a Pit Bike race. The Club has held grass tracks and some motocross events which takes a lot of effort. The Club has held many Charity runs and social events too.

I believe that once the problem with not having Motorbike racing Insurance this year, which is causing major problems, is sorted,we will be ready to go . The Club has great people involved. The Club has a great history of holding events and I think the Club should get the history together of all the Drag races, Hillclimbs and Road Races that were held in Cork over the years.

There is a lot of bikers from around Ireland and abroad that would be interested in taking a spin to see the places that these events were held and read about the stories of the riders that competed or from the people that organised them or were there when it happened.

There is members in the Club that achieved amazing levels in bike racing like land speed record holder, Wheelie Guinness book of record holder, Drag Racers, Short Circuits riders, Motocross racers, Road Racers, Trials and we need to give the kids and parents that want to get involved the information and the help they need and the training days or evenings. There is loads to be done but we are still probably the best small motorbike club in Ireland.

Could I give a big shout out to Jay for all the work he has done on the WCMCC website for the WCMCC members. We have lift off!

Conor Mac Carthy

Yamaha FZR 400
Cork, Ireland
28 May 2023
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