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Hello everyone,


Growing up in a strong motorcycling area as a kid I would have seen and known the likes of Pat Lynch, Paul McCarthy, and Liam McCarthy who I suppose all would have lit my love for the sport.

When I lived in Scotland I became interested in sidecars due to working with former Scottish Champion Davie Annin.

About 10 years ago I started spannering for Steve Casey, Jonny Plumb etc, and of course Steve Tobin who I still work with today.

Being at the track with these lads I started talking to the sidecar lads and then started passengering for Sam Weight and it all just snowballed from there. 

I’ve had bikes for years but never really anything of any great interest, I did have a slab side 750 years ago when I was to young to respect a bike of that type, that thing scared me.

My dream bike would have to be an RGV 500 or sidecar wise it would be a Trevor Ireson chassis with a Yamaha TZ750 or 700 in it, proper bikes!!!!! 

While my dad was not a motorcycle fan in particular he was huge sports fan in general and he took me to my first bike race when I was only about 8 or 9, the Belgooly Hillclimb which was only about a mile from our house, I can still remember Jim Lee from Dublin winning on an RS 125, that thing was singing.

My favourite rider? Well who doesn’t love Barry Sheene but in my chosen class, 17 times TT winner Dave Molyneux, 10 times world Champion Steve Webster and passenger wise former TT and World Championship winner Pat Farrance.

All legends of the sport and absolute gentlemen with it, 2 of which if had the pleasure of racing against. 

Like most bike fans I’ll go to watch pretty much anything motorcycle wise, roads, track, motorcross etc but road racing for me is the most entertaining and exciting.

I had an outing in BSB a few years ago and I’ve also raced British F2 championship. I’m back to the TT this year with Bruce Moore from England who I’ll also be racing Oliver’s Mount with and maybe go back and have another crack at the Southern 100 also. 

I do feel that the WCMCC is probably one of the most active and proactive clubs in the country which always puts its member’s interests first.

Unfortunately with the lack of competition this year I feel a few social events might be a good idea. 

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