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Hello everyone,

Here a few thngs about me,

How did you get involved in motorcycles and how long have you been involved with it? 

I got involved in motorcycling by watching my brother and his friends driving around…..35years🙈

What was your first motorbike, What type of bikes do you have and what is your dream one?

My first bike was an AR 80. I've got since a few in the garage like a Ducati X Diavel, Suzuki GSXR 1300 Hayabusa and a few bits …. I don’t really have a dream bike in my mind at the moment.

What is your favorite memory around motorbikes? Who's your favorite rider of all time?

My best memories around motorcycling were when I was heading off to bike shows for the weekend. Richard Britton would be my favorite rider of all time.

What type of bike events do you like to attend? Have you ever been to the Isle of Man fo Manx or TT or ever want to race in the Isle of Man at the TT or Manx or BSB?

I missed Irish road racing even more this year due to insurance issues.

I have been to the Isle of Man a few times I would have loved to competed there.

What would you like the WCMCC do to more of for their members?

I would love to see more social events maybe for a 🥃 and a chat.


Ducati X Diavel Suzuki GSXR Hayabusa
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