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Hello everyone,

I always had a passion for motorbikes as a kid my first bike was a Yamaha XT 125 

I Had a few Road bikes NSR, ZXR ,R6

Also, few dirt bikes CRF 450, Husqvarna 450

I love the Hillclimb's, drag racing & grass tracks.

I started racing in 2014 in the Dunlop masters in the lightweight super sport class on a ZXR 400 for about 4 years on and off doing races when I could afford to.

I then bought a Suzuki SV650 and raced that for a few years on and off also

Last year I bought another ZXR and raced in Mondello standing on the podium for my first time I managed two 3rd place finishes that weekend.

This year myself nick Healy & Steve Roffe

NRW racing decided to go racing over in England in the Wirral 100 championship 

I managed 2 wins in the opening round at Anglesey we headed to Oulton Park for the next round unfortunately my engine blew in the first race so that was me done for the weekend.  

I'm now just keeping my head down working to get the funds together to get the bike fixed to get back to Oulton for the next round.   

How did you get involved in motorcycles and how long have you been involved with it? 

I suppose it was my neighbours and my brother having bikes when I was small.

When my brother got a car he left his bike at home and I used to get the keys and drive it around the yard when my parents were away. Don't tell them ;-)

What was your first motorbike, What type of bikes do you have and what is your dream one?

Suzuki RG 80, Suzuki GSXR K6 turbo and a Suzuki GSXR 1100 turbo.... Are you starting to get the picture?

I would love a Spondon GSXR turbo or a H2R or a 89 GSXR -RR 750.

What is your favorite memory around motorbikes? Who's your favorite rider of all time?

Watching a friend of mine driving beside me on his RG 80 and him driving into a side of a cow, it was so funny because it was night time and he thought I was only slowing down to chat and he shot right passed me and hit the cow, I can still see him in my mind, he didn't know what he had hit for a second or two and once he realized what it was he started punching it while half up on his back.

Michael Dunlop because of his style. Rossi of course used to watch him when he started in the 125's. I have his helmet from the 96 year still to this day.

Drag Racing Chris Moore, Jeremy Teasley, Ricky Gladson, Larry Spiderman, and stuntman Gary Rothwell I have fond memories of watching his VHS tapes at home and then going out to try the stunts.

Kawasaki ZXR400
Ballyphehane, Cork, Ireland
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