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Full Gas Training Camp

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Full Gas Training Camp (Spain)

if you are reading this it means that you just found a new level of holidays.

Why not training like a pro riders racing in Spanish championship, moto2, moto3 moto GP and not only this, you actually meet them while training on one of the tracks .

Apart from this you will have a holidays in sunny Spain surrounded by great coast line, mountains, Irish pubs and wherever you need to have a good time.

The basic concept is that you just turn up to the race track with your gears: helmet, boots, gloves and leathers (You can rent them free of charge at the track if u don't have one) and after a basic safety briefing and instruction we go straight on the track.

You will have loads of time on track as we know that's what our clients want, and lots of laps makes you a better rider and puts a smile on your face. Your instructor will show you the correct lines, braking and acceleration points and then after every ride your instructor will explain techniques and tips to allow you to gain in confidence as a rider and improve your skills.

You will learn where to position your body on the bike and move around to get the most out of corner entry and exit as well as the correct braking techniques required to be able to get the bike 'backing in' to the corner. We train all abilities, from novice to pro riders and instruct you through the day in a friendly informal manner to get the most fun and self improvement out of the days riding.

Let's start from the beginning:

We create that project together with Ksb Valencia to give people an opportunity to be better faster and safer rider so you will be able to enjoy even more every single minute on your two wheels.

Our training camp will be using KSB Valencia training yard and track where people like Alvaro Diaz, Pedro Acosta, Kaito Toba, Ana Caracas (and other members of KSB elite) train every week so you have best possible place to train in a safe environment

Our training bikes are:

Honda XR70

These bikes are suitable for all age, weight, height of rider and they are best training equipment used by all Spanish bike schools like KSB Valencia, Pacosta37 etc...

The main thing is that these bikes will suits abilities of every riders from beginner to pro rider.

What to expect over there:

During the stay, we will be focusing on full spectrum of riding techniques starting from body position, through braking, acceleration, correct lines, apex etc...

Training camp will include 3 days of training approximately 3h to 4h each day depending on riders condition, training will be in the morning from 9h00 to 13h00.

So you will be able to arrange something during the day.

Group has to be a minimum of 4 with a maximum of 8 riders.

Can I bring someone else with me?

Rider can bring a partner for additional fee (just accommodation) you can have a week in sunny Spain.

When you'll be training hard your better half can enjoy herself at the swimming pool or on the beach near by.

Price is only 725 euro per rider for 3 days training and accommodation.

What is included:

  • Accommodation

  • Coach

  • Bike rental (fuel, tyres etc)

  • Track fees

This is a trial camp at the moment so if all goes well and be enough interest we will supply an option for 5 days training

Three with KSB and two days as an option for :

  • Flat track training

  • Free ride on track

  • Free ride on the track with 2022 SSP 300 World Champion Alvaro Diaz

First date available will be from the 24th until 27th of March 2023


Flying from Dublin to Valencia on the 24th of March is about 50€ at the moment

Rerturn from Alicante to Dublin 27th of March is about 60€

Training will be on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

For more informations please contact:


Mobile: 085-7369100

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