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The Board of Motorcycling Ireland wish to confirm that through the hard work of our insurance committee and outside experts, we have secured a quote for insurance for the 2024 competition season. Although we have received a quote, as expected the cost for this coverage presents a significant financial challenge.

Following a recent discussion, the Board deliberated on the affordability of this quote and received advice cautioning against accepting it if we cannot comfortably manage the associated costs for the next two years.

Although we (Motorcycling Ireland) are in a reasonably healthy position financially and could contribute to the cost of the insurance from our reserves, (subject to approval by the members), this would only go a small way in meeting the considerable costs involved for the two year plan.

The realisation of this important milestone relies on the support of our clubs and members. As expected, there will be additional costs for affiliations, licence fees etc. We are currently discussing what this might look like, and will have more information available shortly regarding projected costings. We as a Board will also be looking at external ways to secure extra funding, and would like to be very clear that we do not wish for anyone to set up a GoFundMe or similar on our behalf.

This quote will provide sufficient cover for the following disciplines:

·Short Circuits


·Trial (on private property not Coillte land)

·Enduro (on private property not Coillte land)


·Veteran & Vintage

·Hillclimbs & Sprints

This quote will not currently provide sufficient cover for any off road discipline on Coillte land, or for Road Racing. We are deeply regretful that we have not been successful despite our absolute best efforts to include Road Racing in the available policy, and will be endeavouring to build a case for the discipline which is the very heart and history of our sport, to be included in the future. Our goal is to support our road racing clubs to keep the legacy of this sport going until such as time as we can obtain cover for them again.

Your convenors will be engaging with club representatives to discuss this matter in the coming weeks before we come to the decision of whether or not we are in a position to be able to accept this quote.

As we approach a final decision, an open meeting will be organized for all riders. This forum will provide an opportunity to address any queries or concerns.

Motorcycling Ireland remains committed to making informed decisions that prioritize the welfare of our valued members and the wider community. We would like to as always thank you for your ongoing support, and will release more updates as soon as we can.

Yours in Sport

Board of Motorcycling Ireland

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