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As the engines are getting warmed up for race day, have a look at what John O'Donovan had to say before setting of on his way to the Cookstown 100!

1. What machines and classes will you be competing in?

I've entries in for Senior Support - Kawasaki zxr6 and Junior Support - Kawasaki Er650 , Supertwins - Kawasaki Er650.

2. What preparation went into this weekend?

Had bike issues but all fixed this week so this will be my first event this Year.

3. What are your thoughts on the Cookstown 100 track?

Cookstown is a Enjoyable Road Race so looking Forward to it.

4. What are your thoughts on the MCUI Insurance situation in the South?

Insurance down South is in a Bad Place at the moment but thinking Positive & Hoping it Will be fixed Very Soon. I'm sure all involved are trying their best to get insurance cover. Things aren't in a good place at the moment.

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