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Updated: Apr 22, 2023

On the eve of race day, have a look at Mick Hogan's thoughts as he headed into the Cookstown 100 weekend.

1 . What machine and classes will you be competing in?

Competing on an ER650 in junior support , also supertwins

GSXR750 in senior support .

2. What preparation went into this weekend?

Both machines have had extensive works carried out over the ‘quiet season as they say ‘ always trying to improve on previous performances so it’s a never ending chore with the bikes but moving in the right direction all the same .

so looking forward to the few events that are available to compete in on the Irish roads this year

3.What are your thoughts on the Cookstown 100 track?

After competing in Cookstown for a couple of years now it’s getting more familiar. It’s a very enjoyable experience around the Orritor circuit although , it’s the shortest circuit on the normally packed calendar it’s certainly not slow and with some tight corners and jumps up the back straight you get value for your money every time , I can’t wait to return this weekend .

4. Have you competed in any races or pre season testing this year?

Cookstown will be the first race of the year for us so we will be interested seeing if the off-season bike improvements will be noticeable after spending some time testing in Andelucia and Almera Spain last month

5. What are your thought on the MCUI insurance issue in the South?

The insurance problems hit the sport with a bang this year , although the rising costs are always mentioned as a growing concern, I don’t think lost people thought it would come to a complete shut down of racing in the south , As ever motorsport does not have enough representation at government levels which is a concern but who knows one can still live in the hope of some resolution in the near future

Well done to Mick who finished up in the 2nd place spot on the podium in the Senior Support B race which was ran on Friday evening!

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